Articles newly in CZ and EN; New DeepL translator

I recently started writing articles in two languages – so you can now choose which one suits you better. This might not be so interesting if I didn’t actually write most of my articles only in Czech and translate them into English using a new translator that someone might have heard of – DeepL.

The company DeepL was founded 5 years ago and had a really huge goal – to beat the until recently unrivalled Google Translate. As the name suggests, the foundation of DeepL is machine learning and deep learning. Although it is basically a paid service, you can also try it for free, for example here:


Recently, DeepL learned to translate to and from Czech, so i decided for a small experiment. Most of my articles is written in Czech, although I think many foreigners can find the information there useful. Unfortunately, I have no time to translate my articles manually. For these reasons, I decided to give DeepL a try.

From now, all articles will be both in English and Czech, one written by me, one translated by DeepL. I’ll try to sanity-check everything, but if you (especially native English-speaking) find any bugs in translation, write it down and I’ll fix them.

And by the way, first part of the article was written originally in Czech and translated into English and the second one vice-versa with absolutely no corrections (delimiter is ===). Did you manage to recognize that? ?

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