Fedora (not only) SilverblueBeta 35 is out! How to rebase?

It’s been a few days since Matthew Miller announced Fedora 35 Beta is out after a short delay. Along with the normal Fedora Workstation, Server and IoT, of course, comes Silverblue – and it’s not even alone, Fedora Kinoite is also coming from version 35. At its core, it is Silverblue with the KDE Plasma environment.

How to rebase to Silverblue 35 Beta?

The easiest way is via the terminal. First, we verify that the system can see the branch in question:

$ ostree remote refs fedora | grep silverblue

You should see “fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue” among others. Then just rebase:

$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue

And reboot. At that point, the system will boot into the new Fedora 35.

What to do if something breaks?

One of the advantages of Silverblue (and any other rpm-ostree based system) is that it is perfectly easy to revert to the previous state. So if for whatever reason you decide you want to revert to Fedora 34, just enter the command below and then reboot.

$ rpm-ostree rollback

What about Kinoite?

If you want to rebase to a new version of Kinoite, it works pretty much the same way, even from Fedora Silverblue (tested on a rebase from Silverblue 35 to Kinoite 35):

$ ostree remote refs fedora | grep kinoite
$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/kinoite

And reboot.

When not to rebase?

As in any beta, there are bugs in this one. Probably the most serious one is that the toolbox on Fedora 35 is not yet able to open containers that are based on a version other than Fedora 35. A more detailed description of the problem can be found here: https://github.com/containers/toolbox/issues/821.

Where to report bugs?

If you encounter a bug, feel free to report it:

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